Rhythm and Rhyme Can Help Your Child Learn to Read

Do you want to learn how making music with your child can increase school and life success?

Would you like to improve your child’s brain function, cognitive abilities, social skills and emotional competence through music? Do you want to find out how rhyme can help your child learn to read?

Using Music Therapy for Stress Relief Is Very Effective

When it comes to your overall mental health, stress is the biggest problem that most of face. It is also the biggest reason for many health problems that we face daily. Most of don’t even understand that stress can be the major cause of major health problems like heart problems.

NBA star Greg Oden Can Play!

While watching the ESPYs last week (ESPN awards highlighting great performances in sports), we saw Justin Timberlake, who was hosting the program, beginning a song by asking fo a "G." What was sur

The Singing Office?

So I'm flipping around the TV channels last night and I see NBC's latest show, "The Singing Office" where ordinary people from offices across America showcase their hidden talents and try to win pr

In Harmony with Summer

Summer is one of my favorite times of year. It's all about having fun, trying new experiences and of course music.

American Idol Crowns Its First Guitar Hero

First of all, how cool is it that the latest American Idol, David Cook, actually plays a musical instrument?  We hear sometimes that this generation doesn't have the types of "guitar gods" previou