The Singing Office?

So I'm flipping around the TV channels last night and I see NBC's latest show, "The Singing Office" where ordinary people from offices across America showcase their hidden talents and try to win prizes.  Now some might "poo poo" the show saying that these people's talents need to remain hidden, but I say those people are living in the old paradigm of "you have to be good to make music." Making music is its own reward - fun, challenging and quite good for you too.  And if this show is any example, there are plenty of people out there making music - inside and outside of offices.  And think about it -- how much MORE fun would the work world be if people were making music throughout the day?  You go into the DMV and instead of a scowl, you're met with a smile or at least a less pronounced scowl (gotta be realistic here).  So try it yourself -- make a little music out of your work and see what happens.