Woodwind Instruments

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Making Music Fun Is a Three-Legged Stool thumbnail

Making Music Fun Is a Three-Legged Stool

To help your child down the path of becoming a life-long music maker, simply think of a three-legged stool. Remove one leg from a three-legged stool and it tips over.

Percussion thumbnail


There are literally thousands of instruments that are considered members of the percussion family.

The Tuba thumbnail

The Tuba

If the strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion are the pieces to a big orchestral puzzle, the tuba is the instrument that holds it all together. Prussian bandmaster Friedrich Wilhelm Wieprecht and German builder Gottfried Moritz patented the tuba in 1835. They wanted to make an instrument that would add bass to the brass section.

The French Horn thumbnail

The French Horn

Even though the French horn is one of the hardest instruments to play, it plays the most unique and important sounds in bands and orchestras. The French horn is often used to symbolize strength and power but it can also sound rich and mellow. Modern horns are made from a very long piece of brass tubing that gradually gets wider as the tube goes from the mouthpiece to the bell.

The Trombone thumbnail

The Trombone

When musicians wanted a lower brass instrument with depth and strength, Europeans tweaked the design of the popular trumpet and invented the trombone.

The Trumpet thumbnail

The Trumpet

Known for its powerful musical presence, the trumpet is one of the oldest instruments in the world. Predecessors to the modern trumpet can be found 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt!

The Bassoon thumbnail

The Bassoon

The bassoon is a double reed instrument and the bass voice of the woodwind section. It is a long conical bore, which curves at the bottom and makes it look twice as long as it really is.

The Saxophone thumbnail

The Saxophone

One of the most unique and complicated instruments is the saxophone. It is classified with the woodwind instruments because it uses a reed, but the saxophone is made out of brass.

The Clarinet thumbnail

The Clarinet

One of the most used instruments in the woodwind family, the clarinet is believed to have been invented in the early 1700s but the origins of this instrument date back to 3000 B.C.!

The Oboe thumbnail

The Oboe

Known for its bright and unique sound, the oboe is one of the most important instruments in classical music.

The Flute thumbnail

The Flute

Although originally made from wood, the flute is one of the few instruments in the woodwind family that is made from metal.

The Double Bass thumbnail

The Double Bass

Even though the double bass was invented around the same time as other string instruments, many people thought it wasn't necessary.

The Cello thumbnail

The Cello

Known for its versatility and its virtuosity, the cello has been an important member of the string family for almost 500 years.

The Viola thumbnail

The Viola

The viola is a larger version of the violin. In fact, the two are so similar that it's difficult to tell them apart at first glance.

The Violin thumbnail

The Violin

Generally considered to be the lead voice in the modern orchestra, the violin is an important instrument that has a wide range of capabilities.